Learning Technology Conference 2014 – My Take Aways


So I attended this years event as I have for the last couple of years, these are (MY) take aways thoughts from the event:

I was surprised in the amount of new companies on show this year, a huge increase than previous years showing how competitive the market is becoming.

The amount of people in attendance of the event, I don’t believe it is normally this busy. Talking to colleagues who where on the stands they said it was a constant flow over the two days and a very broad mix in terms of knowledge and experience in the work of learning.

The growth of the Cornerstone Platform – I spent some time catching up with the guys and to hear how they have grown in the 18 months is amazing. I have worked with this platform and only have great things to say about it.

How competitive the online learning market has become, it was the first time at LT2014 I have been stopped on a number of occasions from passing stands asking what I am looking for. Not sure yet if this is a good or bad thing yet.

A number of companies who are challenging and making changes in the world of online learning were not present. Unit 9, 5 elearning age awards last year and Modern English who have built a Functional Maths App and commissioned to undertake further work on the success to name a couple. I have not caught up with

I was surprised about the differing costs at the event when I discussed with vendors – day rates, product pricing were extremely varied.

For all the talk of MOOC’s in the learning world over the last 12 months nobody was using it as part of the solutions that I saw on the day. I see this is probably down to not being able to make any money from them commercially. I thought we may have seen them as part of an overall blend at least.

The number of vendors wishing to move into the employability and apprentice market as this was seen as an area that was currently not embracing online learning. Fusion Universal and Pera have worked together to create an offer to support apprentice programs. This is using video and social platform elements. This is due to be launched in March, I will be keeping a close eye on this. I am really interested in the feedback from the learners and those interacting with the new method in principal it is definitely a step in the right direction. Apprentice delivery methods have not changed for a long time and need to move with the times.

I think that is it for now…..



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