Positioning Training


We had a request to update the audience on the previous 12 month journey they had been on, then to get them excited about the continuing journey as a company we would be going through in terms of Customer Service/Experience.  This intervention was going to be run at the year end conference and would be used to support the new training been undertaken.  So it needed to make an impact, with the added pressure of making sure it reflected the Virgin brand and Values.

The normal suggestions came forward to support this intervention – Video the Sponsor / Stakeholder / Staff – Using talking head videos talking about the journey.

This wouldn’t of been very Virgin nor would it of made any impact – We decided to work alongside a creative design company named Purple Media to produce the following video.  It was extremely well received the audience made the connections with the triggers in the video and what they had been through.  Plus then excited about what development and support they would be receiving.

The biggest challenge we had was to keep the use of the video controlled, people just wanted to play it at the beginning of all our training because it was good!  we didn’t want any of the impact to be lost.

Virgin Media – Introduction

let me know your thoughts.


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