Learning Styles – Don’t Exist


Working in eLearning I am regularly asked how my eLearning designs accommodates the differing ‘learning styles’.

Please view this video and pass it on to your colleagues and make them watch it!!!!.

Good teaching is good teaching………………


2 thoughts on “Learning Styles – Don’t Exist

  1. Hamish Macleod

    Interesting resource David. I’m not sure that I would go all the way with the “learning styles don’t exist” banner, 🙂 but they are certainly problematic. Couple of thoughts. If you don’t know this, have a look at the 2004 report by Frank Coffield et al. Reference in this TES article :

    The other *big* point about learning styles is “So what does a teacher *do* about it?”. You can’t be all things to all people. Seems to me – to cut a very long story short – that it is *learners* who have to know about learning styes, so that they can have an idea of what works for them. The teacher’s role then, is in alerting learners to the (their – the learner’s) need to consider their own position on any “style” continuum.

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